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Servicing and Chemicals

  • Pool and Spa Service/Repair
  • Pool Valet Service
  • Chemicals and Water Testing

Has your pool had a service recently? Has your pool sprung a leak?

At Capital Pools and Spas we service all brands of swimming pool and spa pool equipment,  residential and commercial water pumps.  We also stock a range of quality pump and filtration spare parts.

We cover from South Wairarapa down to Wellington and up the Kapiti Coast.

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Tired of cleaning your pool? Want to come home and relax?

If you have a busy lifestyle, chances are you get home and just want to sit back and relax in your swimming pool.  Let Capital Pools and Spas lend you a hand with our mobile cleaning and pool valet service for regular care of your swimming pool so you can enjoy your leisure lifestyle.

We cover from South Wairarapa down to Wellington and up the Kapiti Coast.

Valet Service

Summers Here Startup Valet Services from $95 per fortnight*

*(Conditions apply)

Valet includes

  • Vacuum and scrub bottom and sides of pool
  • Check and clear filters, backwash when required
  • Check pump, plumbing and all pipework for leaks
  • Check pool cover and roller
  • Testing the pool water and dosing chemicals if required
  • One on one with customer regarding water testing, chemical dosing and handling, draining the pool, startup procedure, equipment maintenance and pool care ie backwashing etc
  • Prompt, helpful and friendly expert advice
  • Price does not include travel or chemicals

Stuck on where to buy Chemicals? Don’t know where to start?

We carry out free water testing for our new and existing swimming pool and spa pool customers.  Testing your water is a crucial part of pool care and we recommend that you have your pool water tested at least monthly during the summer.  When your pool water is balanced it is easier for you to look after, will be safer and healthier for you to swim in, and your swimming pool or spa pool equipment will last a lot longer!

How to collect a sample

With the pool pump operating, wash out an empty clean 1 litre (approx) bottle a few times with the pool water before taking a sample below the pool surface and away from the water jets.

Bring the sample bottle to us at Capital Pools and Spas, 122C Whakatiki Street,  Upper Hutt and within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) we will carry out various tests on your water sample and contact you with step by step simple instructions on how to get your pool back to the correct levels.  If you wish to drop the sample off outside business hours please name the bottle, add contact details and leave it at the front door.

If this is the first time you have had your pool water tested with us we require some basic information which enables us to give you the best instructions for your pool:

Volume of pool (estimate if not known width x length x depth)

Surface of pool (Fibreglass, concrete, vinyl, painted)

Condition of water (e.g. cloudy, clear, green, brown)

If you are using salt chlorination we also need to know the make and model of the chlorinating unit.